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Becoming an event planner

Posted by Christine Spencer on Tuesday, January 3, 2023 Under: Event Management
Success as an event planner North West means having a confident, outgoing and ambitious personality. It’s a role that demands supreme attention to detail, plenty of creative vision and the drive to realise the impossible on a daily basis. If you’re meticulously-minded and enjoy social gatherings, you could be right at home as an North West event planner.

What do Event Planners Do?

Demand for increasingly ambitious and complex events has brought about a huge surge in demand for qualified event planners. From North West business meetings to fashion shows to product launches to music festivals, everyone wants their event to outshine all others.

As it’s a seriously heavy undertaking, this is where the professional event planner comes in.

Daily duties vary in accordance with the clients being worked for and the specific event being worked on. In general however, all event planners will find themselves tasked with the following:

  • Researching, assessing and selecting appropriate venues
  • Determining the layout of the event space
  • Booking entertainment and catering services
  • Assisting clients in determining their goals and vision
  • Brainstorming potential event themes and concepts
  • Scripting comprehensive event plans and obtaining client approval
  • Booking the products and services of third-party providers
  • Organising necessary transport for attendees
  • Continual problem solving and health & safety management
Am I Right For the Event Manager Job?

How do you become an Event planner? The answer is simple; The strongest interpersonal skills and communication skills are the most important traits the event manager must possess. They serve as the linchpin that brings together each critical element of the project, which in turn demands flawless organisation and communication. You also need to be extremely outgoing and a firm disbeliever in the word ‘impossible’.

It is a role where unpredictable working hours are the everyday norm, along with working in accordance with strict deadlines, tight budgets and demanding clients. You must be business-minded and have a strong grasp of how the industry in general works, before getting started.

Successful event planners must at all times be:

  • Flawlessly organised and punctual
  • Extremely outgoing with strong self-confidence
  • Able to work with diverse and demanding clients
  • The strongest communicator and a good delegator
  • A born leader able to motivate and inspire others
  • Creative with strong vision and highly ambitious
  • Willing to work long and unpredictable hours
  • Able to draw the line between what’s feasible or otherwise
  • Strong, cool and calm in times of extreme pressure
Ongoing Progression

Roles in event planning and management are numerous and varied, beginning with customer service operatives with salaries in the region of £18,000. Experienced North West event planning consultants routinely take home more than £35,000 per year, while senior directors and executive can easily earn £100,000+.

Professional Lifestyle

Hands-down, North West event management is widely regarded to be one of the most enjoyable creative professions in the world. The satisfaction that comes with taking a blank canvas and organising something spectacular is unrivalled. It’s a career path that asks a lot, but promises incredible rewards for those willing to commit.

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