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Airport Security needs to improve

Posted by Mark Harris on Friday, September 21, 2018 Under: Guest Security Articles
AIRPORT SECURITY MANCHESTER, LIVERPOOL, LONDON. Airport security is a growing concern for passengers and staff alike.  With people travelling by plane more often than ever before, and a number security incidents at airports, it's not surprising that airports are keen to improve the passenger experience, and the working environment for airport staff and other employees.

  • The number of passengers is increasing yearly which means that older airports and some of the smaller airports are experiencing strains on their infrastructure.  The airports may not have been designed to cope with anything like the number of passengers it is seeing.

  • There are a large number of employees especially at the bigger, or busier airports.  These include flight staff, car park staff, retail staff, and more.  Managing the whereabouts of all these staff, and making sure that they don't access areas they are not supposed to, and that the person with the swipe card or access code number is the right person, is not easy.

  • Identifying staff, and using a metal detector, x ray machine and physical patting by security staff can also be frustrating for staff who regularly need to access several different parts of the airport.

  • This method is also time consuming and intrusive, and can make employees feel like they are under suspicion every time they move from one area of the airport to another, as they have to stop and be   physically checked.

  • By using stolen cards or PIN numbers forced out of employees, it is possible to fool humans and gain access means to areas that should not be accessed.

  •  Airport security is currently a very highly labour intensive job.  Using security guards to patrol areas, check staff and passengers, and look out for any suspicious activity, makes the cost of airport security very high.  Introducing modern technology, such as facial recognition and biometrics, can make security much more cost effective.

  • Technology, such as biometric access control systems, helps the movement of non-passengers from landside to restricted zones, and makes sure that only the authorised people are granted access.

  • Biometrics can also be used to perform a volumetric check, to make sure that only one person at a time is identified.  This ensures that if staff are coerced into gaining access for non-authorised staff, the attempt will be unsuccessful.

  • Using new technology will mean that far fewer security staff needed for staff identification and verification, which allows security staff to focus on other areas of airport security that technology can't yet monitor.

  • Improved security leads to a much quicker and more effective transit through the airport.  This means that the airport can provide a much better service for passengers, and better working environment for staff.

Now you know more about airport security, and how and why it needs to improve, why not think how some of these measures could make your workplace more efficient and more secure?

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