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Advanced Driving Courses

Posted by Howard Trott on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 Under: Advanced Driving
Advanced driving courses can improve your confidence and knowledge on the road. Courses are designed to give drivers experience of driving in more challenging environments, such as during adverse weather, or during rush hour traffic.

Advanced drivers are generally considered safer drivers by insurers and completing an advanced driving course can help bring down how much you pay for your car insurance policy.

So, what’s available for drivers in terms of advanced driving courses?

Pass Plus

Perhaps one of the most well-known advanced driving courses available, is the Pass Plus scheme. This runs throughout the United Kingdom by approved driving instructors (ADI’s).

The course usually takes about 6 hours to complete, and covers areas of driving such as:

All weather driving
Motorway driving
Night time driving
Driving during rush hour traffic
The cost of taking Pass Plus can vary from instructor to instructor, however it usually sits within the £180 region.

A number of insurance providers can offer discounts on premiums if you have the Pass Plus certificate. This can be especially beneficial to young drivers who typically pay higher for the cost of cover.

IAM RoadSmart

The only course accredited by the DVSA, the IAM RoadSmart advanced driver course offers the opportunity to comprehensively enhance your driving skills. It includes focussing on control, observation, timing, positioning, and the ability to deal with unpredictable roads to name a few.

The course takes three to six months to complete, and once finished you’ll become a full IAM member. Another benefit being you could receive discount on your car insurance.

This course will set you back £149, and would be facilitated by an Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) expert in your own vehicle. They will take you through a number of exercises, while focussing on specific skills, and once you’re ready you will take the advanced driving test.

Alternative driving courses

RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders

The RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders is focused on road safety and improving driving standards, and is based on the same roadcraft principles as the IAM’s course.

There are more than 50 local groups that offer training to prepare you for the Advanced Test, and the tests are typically held by serving or retired police officers. It’s also worth noting this test requires a re-test every three years to ensure your skills and knowledge are up-to-date.

The cost of training can start at £20, so this is ideal if you’re wanting to expand your knowledge and experience but at a reasonable price. It’s worth noting however, RoSPA is not widely recognised by car insurance providers.

The AA Advanced Driving courses

The AA offers a number of different advanced driving courses you could benefit from. The courses are solely designed to improve your confidence and skills on the road, however as with RoSPA courses, not all AA courses are recognised by insurance providers.

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