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Student Security

Student Halls Security North West. With a significant growth in student numbers over the past years, now more than ever, it is essential that the security provider you use understands the education sector. Spartan 24 Hour Security has extensive experience in providing bespoke solutions that provide peace of mind and achieve best value. Spartan 24 Hour Security can provide you uniformed Security Officers, who will perform essential security roles on your premises. We can work alongside your in-house Security Guards, or, alternatively, we can provide you with a complete security solution fully tailored to your requirements. This service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our staff will be happy to carry out the following duties on request:

  • Provide a general security presence in and around campus buildings
  • Provide safeguarding for staff and students
  • Monitor the reception area
  • Check student and staff identification
  • Vet and announce visitors
  • Perform day and night patrols of student Halls of Residence
  • Prevent the theft of expensive laboratory and computing equipment
  • Report daily incidents to management
  • Perform regular car park patrols
  • Perform patrols of grounds
Ensure students adhere to educational establishments’ rules and regulations

Retail Security

All Spartan 24 Hour Retail Security Officers are trained to the highest standard in customer service and shop floor etiquette. Training is provided in relevant arrest procedures, Health and Safety, Fire Safety and Conflict Management.

Spartan 24 Hour Security offers a complete retail protection package comprising:

Uniformed Officers

Specifically trained in retail security and highly visible, our uniformed officers provide full security cover wherever needed by identifying and observing known or potential shoplifters and vandals and also by conducting staff searches and warehouse delivery checks. All Spartan 24 Hour Security personnel are fully conversant with the legally correct procedures for making arrests.

Store Detectives

Working in ‘plain clothes’, our store detectives work invisibly alongside our or your own uniformed security teams, assisting in the crime detection and deterrence process. Like our uniformed officers they are also trained in all the legal aspects of making arrests. If suspected wrongdoers are detained, our detectives help make sure that apprehension is conducted within the law, so that the suspect can be swiftly dealt with through the criminal justice system.

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