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Posted by Dale Smith on Saturday, May 25, 2019 Under: Personal Security
Personal Protection. Security is a catch 22 business. On one hand you can say you don't need security services as nothing has happened to you in the past, and on the other hand actually having security services seems like a waste of money as they are not preventing anything...that you know of.

There are many documented cases of famous people who have been away from home and had their houses targeted by thieves. More serious cases have reported the persons family being held at knife-point.

Stories such as these could have been avoided by means of a simple risk assessment. If you are going on holiday or leaving town for a couple of days and half the world know where you are, then you should put together a simple security plan to safeguard your home and/or family. What people sometime forget, is that it's not just the law-abiding citizens who are reading the news papers and magazines.

For celebrities who need the media for their careers, they must remember that the thing that keeps them in the public eye can also be their enemy. I remember seeing a large photo in a tabloid news paper of a football player leaving his house, wallet in hand, and it was clearly stuffed with £50 notes!

Its not a case of surrounding yourself with bodyguards. It's about making yourself aware that being in the public eye can make you a target, and raising your personal security awareness could dramatically lessen your chances of becoming a victim of crime. Just because something hasn't happened, doesn't mean that it won't happen in the future.

The number one rule of personal security is that YOU are responsible for your own personal security!

This rule doesn't mean you have to undertake every aspect of your own security. Just recognising that you need to make some changes and reporting them to the security manager is a great start. If you work for a large corporation or are a celebrity in your field, you will usually have an in-house security manager you can ask for advice. They should then be able to make some recommendations for you. If you don't have an in-house security manager but still recognise you might need to make some changes, then contacting a trusted, professional and experienced company like Spartan 24 Hour Security is a good place to start.

Building a relationship with a good security company can be an invaluable asset. It's assuring knowing you have someone to turn to if you really need help any time of the day or night.

Supplying security services now days is more than just about supplying security officers. Spartan for example can organise for you to be picked up, driven to a private airport to meet a private aircraft and then flown to an exclusive luxury paradise island. Then once you are fully relaxed, bring you all the way back home to your door step. If you would one day be on holiday and happen to find yourself in the middle of a political uprising, then we would also be in a position to get security officers to you and get you out of the country. Extensive networks and connections enable us to bring you fully managed security services for every aspect of your life.

I once had a client say to me that he wasn't going to call me about a specific task as it was only small and he thought it would be too much trouble. I told him that it doesn't matter what the task is, it's always best to call as that's what we are here for; and I would say that to everyone who might think the same. Every security task we undertake gets 100% of our dedication, nothing is ever too small.

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