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Posted by Dale Harris on Sunday, September 27, 2020 Under: Luxury Hotel Security
North West England Luxury 5 Star Hotel Security. The past two decades have seen a global increase in catastrophic events (terrorism, natural disasters, etc.), giving rise to growing public demand for an approach that takes security into greater account. This trend has not spared North West luxury hotels, which have found themselves obliged to adopt ever higher levels of security and resilience. So what exactly are the key elements to consider when it comes to hotel security? What are the advantages to adopting an approach that counters these risks? A few solutions are available at hand to help hoteliers and reward them for their efforts to ensure greater North West Hotel Security for their guests. Spartan 24 Hour Security provide Luxury 5 Star Hotel Security in Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, North West England, North Wales, and across the UK.


A rise in incidences of terrorism, violence, natural disasters, fires. Luxury Hotels, unfortunately, have sometimes been impacted. Indeed, it is difficult to forget the attacks at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay in 2008, or more recently the ravages of Hurricane Irma in St. Barths and the shootings in Las Vegas. Under such circumstances, security has become a key challenge for Luxury Hotels.

In order to counter these risks, it is up to hoteliers to take action, both by adopting safe practices and proper equipment. The main ingredients for ensuring high-level security in hotels are:

  • The introduction of procedures to ensure the security and safety of the hotel
  • Training of staff members on awareness
  • Installation of appropriate security equipment
  • Installation of early-detection equipment for fires
  • Training for staff on how to correctly respond to fires
  • Training for staff on managing live crises

Training hotel staff and installing the right equipment represent a significant investment for a hotel. However, the benefits are numerous, as much for the guests as for the travel agencies, corporate accounts and the MICE market, as well as for hoteliers.

To start off, from the perspective of guests, a hotel ensuring a high level of security offers peace of mind. Clients can relax and feel more at ease, feel reassured and will thus be more likely to become loyal clients and recommend the hotel to others. Investing in greater security is thus a way to nurture the guests’ trust in the hotel as well as fulfilling the seamless service expected in Luxury Hotels in North West England and across the UK.

Travel agencies and corporates will also favour reliable and secure hotel establishments, and this for several reasons. On the one hand, these establishments demonstrate that they can adapt to changing levels of standards for guests, who exhibit a greater desire for security. On a more basic level, selecting partners who respond to high standards of Luxury Hotel Security ensures a higher degree of protection. The duty of care scope of corporates and travel agencies is such that they sometimes find themselves legally involved in the event of an accident. They thus have every interest in working with hotel establishments taking the necessary measures in terms of preventing risks. A North West hotel that shows a top-notch level of security will stand out from the crowd. Travel agencies and corporates will be more likely to show preference for hotels that invest in security from a duty of care and due diligence perspective than hotels that do not.

Investing in the security of a hotel can translate into a beneficial revenue marketing position for hoteliers. Attention to security and safety are differentiating factors in the luxury hotel sector, on par with the hotel’s location, services and infrastructure. Security has henceforth become a factor in ROI (return on investment). Indeed, it is likely to increase sales both directly and indirectly, since suppliers and business partners will be more willing to form partnerships with reliable and secure establishments.


Following the growing demand of clients for North West Hotel establishments ensuring a high level of Hotel Security, the market has evolved in similar fashion. As a result, investing in the security of a hotel increases its value, not only in the eyes of its clients, but also in the eyes of investors. All else equal, an establishment respecting security standards will hold greater value than one that does not. Additionally, when it comes to insurance, insurance markets are starting to see the benefits of managing hotel security risks through a Certification program, in some cases leading to reduced annual insurance premiums for hotels.

Therefore, prioritising a hotel’s security level is as much an investment for marketing and commercial purposes as it is for hotel value purposes. For the very best Luxury Hotel Security in North West England call Spartan 24 Hour Security 07874014305.

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